Bonfire Night Fireworks

The biggest fireworks display in Cambridge is held in our “back garden”, Midsummer Common. It’s a great occasion for boaters, as although there’s a bit of disruption and a large influx of visitors, we all get together and hold parties on our boats, spending time on different boats as the night goes on!

It was the first big party we’d held on Willow, and the main reason we’d pushed to get the sink plumbed in! It was a great display, with the wind direction meaning that the fireworks happened over the river, with us getting a good view from the roof of the boat. We served up mulled wine and hot chocolate, and engaged party mode on the boat – pushed the big furniture to the edges to leave space in the middle for lots of smaller chairs. The counter top above the extra cupboards towards the front of the saloon served admirably as a place to put nibbles, a use we’d not really thought of. It was great to see everyone, and a good night was had by all I think! We had our friend’s dutch barge style boat, Bunty, breasted up to us, as well as a little plastic cruiser, and later on, James steered Bunty back home. We then hitched a ride back to Willow on Richard’s boat, Steadfast!

2013-11-05 19.33.00


They estimated 25000 people came to watch -you can see in this photo the sheer numbers on both sides of the river! We definitely get the best deal, no crowds and a great view!

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2 thoughts on “Bonfire Night Fireworks

  1. Harriet Tillson

    Hi Amy and James
    What a lovely idea to invite your friends for drinks and nibbles on Bonfire Night for a different way to view the Fireworks! I hope they all appreciated the new-look bathroom!?
    Love to all from Harriet aka “Mummy Duck” ( I am still waiting for a new title!?) xxxxxxxxx

  2. Freya

    It was lovely – thank you, both! Can’t quite believe how many your boat can accommodate…

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