New Wheels

Meet Jasper the Ford. After years of carlessness we finally bought a motor so that we can more easily visit all those canal festivals, meetings and family gatherings that we have always used public transport to get to before. It’s a 2004 2.0 l automatic Ford Mondeo, bought from a village car dealership near St Ives for a pretty good price because its got the odd little scratch. But it’s a newer car than we were expecting to be able to afford. Additionally its only had 1 owner from new and came with full service history which is a bonus. I like that it’s bright red but otherwise it’s fairly bog standard.

We’re lucky that because we’ve got a bona fide residential mooring, we can get a parking permit for it in a nearby street to the river. It’s still a 5 min walk away though, so we won’t be popping out for a pint of milk in the car, but saving it for when we really need it, like collecting our new fenders and the 2nd hand generator we’ve just had a friend pick up for us in Shropshire which we need to collect when we next see them!

I expect we will take the odd frivolous trip to the seaside though, or to other places we can’t get to by train and bus! The possibilities are endless!


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2 thoughts on “New Wheels

  1. Did you know the model designed to follow the Mondeo was called the Tuesdaeo?

    Then Ford went and bought Jaguar and that was that.


  2. Capt Ahab

    Bombproof motors – only weakness is the clutch (£900) and the turbo (if fitted). Mine is up to 130,000 and going strong.

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