Catching up

What have we been up to recently? Last weekend we drove (!) out to St Ives for diesel then spent Saturday evening out of town, on the GOBA moorings with our friends from ‘the Parish”, our old mooring. Then on the Sunday we picked up my sister and her boyfriend at Waterbeach to cruise back into town. It was fairly eventful, as we stopped to pick up a bag of wood from a fellow boater and rescued a plastic cruiser which had drifted off its moorings!

Today we made use of the new motor to go and fetch some wood. We’ve got some green wood seasoning in the garage but that’s no good to burn yet so we bought a car load of hardwood from a farm just outside Cambridge. (The construction place we’ve got wood from before was out of stock).

This is why I’m glad we didn’t get a super mini!


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One thought on “Catching up

  1. Have a care of your rear shock absorbers!

    Super-mini or not, it’s still a car, not a van!

    (Speaking of which, you don’t know anyone who wants to buy a ‘heavily patinated’ Suzuki Vitara, do you?)


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