Fitout 46: Making the Bed

The bed which James made for Willow was always supposed to be temporary. It was built along the length of the bedroom, leaving little room for any clothes storage or furniture. We really wanted a ‘cross’ bed, which can fold out across the width of the boat at night or fold up during the day and leave space to pass by it. This would also leave space either side of the bed for a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a nightstand.

First job was to remove all the stuff from under the bed which had been stored there and put it in the living room (which now looks like we’ve only just moved in!) Then, James dismantled the old bed and reused the wood to make the main, fixed part of the bed. We made life easier for ourselves by sticking to the dimensions of standard pieces of ply which are available from B&Q.

2013-11-24 18.11.18

The folding out part is a piece of ply which came with the boat and it’s really thick. We used a piano hinge for the fold out part, currently supported by legs which also fold out from the fixed part. We’d like to work out a way to have that folding out part hinged in two so that it doesn’t stick up so much when folded.

2013-11-24 20.29.41

The mattress is a memory foam topped one, chosen because it can be cut to size. We cut a strip off, to make it just under 4ft wide, and then zipped it back into its cover, which still fits pretty well – it would have been a squeeze to get a full sized one back into it I think! Then, to help it fold we cut a slit in the underside of it, just part way through the foam so that from the top it doesn’t feel any different.

2013-11-24 20.31.24

Lyra and James trying out the bed! We slept on it last night and it’s very comfy. Now it needs painting, and we also need to get the wardrobe into the bedroom somehow…

2013-11-24 22.40.54

Our old mattress will be finding a new home on the good ship Bones!

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3 thoughts on “Fitout 46: Making the Bed

  1. Bones


  2. Carol, nb Sunrise River Wissey.

    Extra piece of memory foam makes good cushion for front under cratch

  3. Capt Ahab

    Why not cut the flap in half lengthwise and fit in another piano hinge halving the heght it sticks up when folded. But there is another option – have the extension slide under the mattress when not in use and then pull it out at night then there is no sticking up bit at all.

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