New Neighbour!

Today Bones came to pick up our old mattress (as her memory foam one has dementia!). She collected it and put it into the car before coming over to Willow with Boots for a cup of tea. John Pippin and later, Jackie, also popped in, and it was very nice to see them all.

Then, we went out to Wicken to pick up Lyra from Stalag Puss III. For the first time we actually saw where she had spent her holidays. A very nice, clean and spacious little cat room, she seemed very comfortable and reluctant to leave!

She meowed all the way home and was pleased to be back on Willow. So far she’s not been out much, preferring to snooze by the fire in this chilly weather, but if she does, she will get a surprise, because her old home is moored nearby! The new owners of Lucky Duck have got their Cambridge mooring, and are our newest neighbours, just two boats away. There was no one in when we knocked earlier, but we’ve been in touch by phone as I had been given their number by the broker. Hopefully we will get to meet them and see what changes they have made very soon!


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One thought on “New Neighbour!

  1. I am on the cusp of something hilarious about chickens, (or in this case, ducks) coming home to roost…….

    But it eludes me.

    Probably just as well………


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