Fitout 47

At the weekend we decided to make a start on the paneling in the kitchen. On one side it is fine and doesn’t need replacing but the other side is water damaged. A part of the ceiling also needed replacing, and we want to put another light in. We used the new oak ply which came with the boat, and will stain and varnish it to match the rest. Once it is finished, we want to put up the hanging enamel pots from Ikea which we bought to store bits and pieces currently taking up space on the kitchen counters.

2014-01-19 12.24.19 2014-01-19 16.19.01


This is the Ikea storage system I mean. We bought the pale green pots instead of the white ones though.

Picture: Ikea

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6 thoughts on “Fitout 47

  1. Amy's Dad

    Amy and James,

    I can see a little wooden self on top of the tiles with a moulding on the front edge.
    Let me know how long it would have to be and the angle at the back and I could make
    one for you.and max. width.

    See you in Cornwall

    Popps xxx

    • That’s a good idea! It wouldn’t fit behind the sink, because the tap is very close to the wall, but either side would be nice πŸ™‚ I will be in touch!

      See you soon! x

  2. Rorke

    hows the winter treating you guys….i believe you are having a very mild winter so far this season.

  3. Where and when are you heading to Cornwall Amy? We are back and forth too to see “our” boat.

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