Fitout 48

We’re getting there with the kitchen paneling and hanging storage. Still got more paneling to finish but here’s a before and after of the finished side!

2014-01-19 12.24.19

2014-01-31 09.10.28 

My dad’s kindly agreed to make us a shelf to go along the top of the tiles, I just need to measure up for it, so that will really finish it off.

As an aside, last night, when we ran the generator, we shared the output with our neighbours on Light Enough to Travel – don’t know why we’d not thought of it before! The Honda has two outputs so we both plugged our battery chargers in (James rewired an extension lead to make this possible). May as well share petrol costs!

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5 thoughts on “Fitout 48

  1. Really enjoying watching you work on your wonderful boat… it’s looking lovely!

  2. Sharing the generator output between two boats is great if both boat electrical systems are correctly wired and don’t develop any faults. If either boat has faulty electrical wiring, or develop faults you can end up with high potential differences between parts of the boats and if someone can touch both boats at the same time the result could be fatal.

    You don’t have the same earth and fault protection that you should get if you use a shared bankside electrical pillar so you are likely to need to install appropriate protection yourself to make the installation safe.

    For that reason some navigation authorities ban sharing generators after past accidents. Unless one of you has sufficient electrical qualifications to make the checks and ensure you have provided adequate fault protection systems yourself, I suggest you get a qualified electrician to make checks before you do it again. In a damp environment you rarely get any advance warning shock to warn you of a problem before a fatal accident.

    Paul (Chartered Electrical Engineer and Accident Investigator in my day job)

    • Thanks for the info. In this case it would be impossible to touch both boats at once, but will bear it in mind if the opportunity arises again.

  3. We too enjoy reading the blog posts about the fit out. Willow has come so far in less than a year and you and James have done an incredible job. Thanks for the pictures as well. Every time you poast again your floating home looks more and more cozy!

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