What we did at the Weekend

On Saturday, after rowing, we got on with the two door frames (between kitchen and bathroom, and between bedroom and bathroom). The bathroom-bedroom door wouldn’t close, so the frame needed sanding down. In the end about 10mm of wood needed to be removed, so a chisel and multitool cutter were needed as well as the sander. But the door now closes neatly against the frame (above gunwale height anyway). The kitchen-bathroom one didn’t have a frame one the sloping side at all. Thankfully Simon had cut a piece of oak for this, so it was just a matter of fixing it on, then making small adjustments until that one closed too. The next stage is to sort the frames below the gunwales, as there are pipes running along the wall so the frames need to accommodate these. Foolishly I forgot to take any photos, sorry! This was partly because just as we finished sanding, some neighbours from relatively new arrival to the Common nb Rebecca came over, which was lovely. They’ve also got a lot of work to do on their boat so we had lots of DIY stories to swap!

The weather was terrible on Saturday night, and one boat came loose at the stern, so had swung 180 and hit the boat next door. We re-moored it safely the other way around,  before heading up river to help out another friend, just back from a long holiday, who had had problems with her mooring during the night as well. James and I helped her turn around and re moor on the other side of the river where the bank is higher and safer.

2014-02-01 16.56.39

Despite high river levels, Willow’s bit of concrete bank has remained dry apart from for a few hours last night when it over topped briefly.

2014-02-02 09.07.49

After that, we returned home to prepare for some friends arriving for lunch. I started chopping veg and cooking, only for the gas to run out part way through! And we didn’t have a spare full bottle, typical! We were used to 19kg bottles on the Duck so we’re not quite in tune with how long a 13kg bottle lasts! Anyway, what with it being a Sunday there wasn’t a lot of choice in terms of where to buy a full bottle. Thankfully Jones’s in St Ives were open and sell Calor gas, so I drove the 15 miles over there and exchanged our empty one, arriving back just in time to finish cooking lunch before they arrived! Thank goodness for cars…

We enjoyed a lunch of venison casserole followed by Susie’s chocolate cake, then decided that it was safe enough to go and fill the water tank – although the stream was still strong, the wind had dropped. The waterpoint was under a few inches of water, but it was still possible to fill up, and we used a plank to get on and off with the cassettes which needed emptying. Winding was relatively straightforward. the biggest problem when turning a boat in strong stream conditions is drifting sideways. So, using a rope to secure the stern, we let the stream take the fore-end round. It all went smoothly until we we facing the right way and ready to set off. The counter drifted over the concrete bank, exposing the propellor to the concrete edge. It was only turning slowly, but hitting the concrete bank caused the engine to stall. Thankfully no damage was done, and we continued on to turn again outside the Penny Ferry pub, then back to our mooring before it got dark. Our mooring was still mostly dry, and we were facing upstream making it easier to control the boat. All in all, a fairly eventful weekend!


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