Going Down

Thankfully, the Cam is now mostly back to normal. It’s still high but at the moment it’s on its way down. River levels going down can be a danger of its own though, as a neighbour’ found out. His boat had no flood poles in, had drifted over the bank and caught on the concrete as the river went down and was listing dangerously. It took eight people pushing it, but finally we floated it again.

We decided to invest in some 5ft scaffolding poles from Mackays poles to bang into the bank, as well as our long pins and ground anchor. Now, we are happy that we can cope with anything, even if it gets as high as it did in 2001!

Pictures from this morning

2014-02-10 09.13.11 2014-02-10 09.13.43 2014-02-10 09.26.30 2014-02-10 09.41.53

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One thought on “Going Down

  1. Glad you have gone down we have gone up,there was absolutely no water at Denver Sluice yesterday, not even a trickle through the lock or the sluice, obviously it worked as we now have water in the Wissey

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