Introducing Thea

As soon as we bought our full length boat we began to think about getting another cat. But we needed to wait until the boat was more complete. A few months ago we started to look more seriously. But none of the cats we met were right. We were refused one lovely silver tabby from the Cats Protection because they didn’t like the idea of two cats on a boat near “all the homeless people and the Staffies”- a somewhat prejudiced view of river life! I’d almost given up when I happened on the profile of “Nala” at the Blue Cross where we got Lyra. Young (about 1 and a half) and very pretty, she was used to other cats, so I went to visit her. She is beautiful, with pale blue eyes and what looks like some tabby point Burmese in her family but she’s a moggy none the less. She was such a friendly affectionate little thing when i met her that I reserved her there and then. Having had a cat from them before they didn’t ask for a home visit, but she needed to be neutered.

During the week we swapped the cats’ bedding to introduce them to each others’ scents. Today we brought our new ship’s cat home. She’s now called Thea, after another Grand Union butty (Lyra is a Small Northwich, whereas Thea is a Middle Northwich).

The two cats have not yet met, just sniffed and hissed at each other under the bathroom door. Thea is living in the bedroom and bathroom for now, whilst Lyra has the rest of the boat. We’ll try to keep them apart for a good few more days before gradually setting up encounters. Even through the door grille Lyra asserted that she’s the boss and Thea acted submissively in response. Lyra didn’t seem too perturbed and later on came up to the door curiously. Thea had retreated under our bed by then but has now grown a little bolder and is happily sleeping curled up and purring between us.

Fingers crossed that with careful supervision they will get on eventually!




Thea dozing off on the cross bed

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Thea

  1. She’s beautiful and, although they’ll be a lot of bad language at first, they’ll settle down – they always do

  2. So beautiful! We are hoping to add another four-legged friend to our family (dog) so I’m hoping that goes well too!

  3. Sorry to hear you experienced prejudice by Cats Protection. We did too! However, we now have a gorgeous little tom who is rapidly taking over the boat!

  4. Well haven’t you done well what a beautiful cat you have found in Thea and she seems to like the camera..

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