Happy Birthday Willow

Willow was first health registered in Gloucester on the 18th February 1935, making it 79 years young today! This is not the day Willow was launched, but it’s the very earliest record that exists for the boat that we’ve found, and had to be done before the boat was allowed to actually work. It would be good to find the records for the builder, Charles Hill, to find out when the boat was completed but our book on the shipbuilder only lists the year not the date.

Still, it was an excuse for a little party on board for a few friends, (at one point we had about 17 people on board!) with a cake, candles and singing happy birthday! We’ll have to throw a more extravagant one next year!


P.S it was a double celebration as James also passed his driving test today!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Willow

  1. Amy's Dad

    Happy Birthday Willow…..Love Popps xxx

  2. Amy's Dad

    Oh wow – missed the bit about James – well done James 10/10

  3. Congratulations James!

  4. Well done James! Many happy years of motoring to you and many happy returns to Willow!

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