Getting ahead

When we bought Willow it came with a beautiful car head lamp which Simon had bought to wire in as a tunnel/ head light. So far we’d not used it, relying on a 240v flood light for night boating.
During the week, James had a bracket made up for it by the ever useful Mackays metal-work shop. It will be demountable because the light is very shiny and nickable.

Today he worked out the wiring for it and connected it up temporarily- it’s a little complicated as it’s an auto headlight. It can be dimmed and so it has 4 wires coming out of it. But weve worked them out now so we can dim the lights when approaching another boat in a tunnel!



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5 thoughts on “Getting ahead

  1. Paul

    Great lamp. You need to be able do dip it upwards to the roof – dip it down and it reflects off the water!

  2. What a marvellous lamp!

  3. Paul

    if there are two bulbs or filaments then it probably does dip because the centre of illumination will be off centre in “dipped” mode. Hard to explain!

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