Sunny Weekend 1 – Horningsea

What a glorious weekend! Now it’s back to the sort of weather you expect in early March but we had such lovely sunshine on Saturday and particularly Sunday.

We had a lovely afternoon’s boating on Saturday, stopping at a mooring we’d never visited before – a rare thing round here! A friend was holding a pirate themed birthday bash at a little community pub in Horningsea, so we decided to try and go there by boat. Problem is, the two visitor moorings in Horningsea are both 40′ long and have signs saying “No Overnight Mooring”. Undeterred, we went up past them, winded at the Bridge in Clayhithe, and moored up with the front 40′ of the boat against the bank, and the  rest overhanging a little cut and the end of the massive garden of the house next door, using a mudweight.  Next door were down to find out exactly when we planned on leaving, as soon as we arrived, and although polite, were clearly annoyed about us being there, explaining that people had stopped there for months at a time in the past, so mooring overnight had been banned. But they grudgingly accepted our explanation of a visit to the pub, and left us alone.  It’s a beautiful spot, and nice to have a change for once, getting that feeling of  mooring somewhere new and walking about exploring the locality. We sat outside enjoying the sun, then after dinner dressed up for the evening. Afraid we weren’t very convincing pirates, just wearing token bandanas over a stripy dress (me) and a shirt/waistcoat/jeans (James). It was a great evening, with lots of boaters in attendance. We were the only ones who came by boat though!

2014-03-08 14.15.00 2014-03-08 15.53.52 2014-03-08 15.53.59 2014-03-08 16.24.20 2014-03-08 16.26.05 2014-03-08 16.30.07 2014-03-08 16.52.45

We left the party about 9:45, as we needed to move Willow as promised. We hoped to stay out of town but as we were pointing upstream towards Cambridge, we would have had to turn at Baits Bite Lock to go up to Clayhithe, and in the dark, having never winded there before, we decided to chug back into town, following (and eventually overtaking) party boat Georgina. We moored up in our usual spot at 11:45.


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One thought on “Sunny Weekend 1 – Horningsea

  1. Winding at Baits Bite is tricky in the extreme in daylight.

    Not something I would fancy at all in the dark……..

    And that waterborne nuisance you followed and overtook had came downstream as far as The Parish outskirts, making an unearthly racket.

    The din was deafening.

    Sadly, she winded before we could bring the starboard 4″ battery to bear………


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