Sunny Weekend 2 – Cambridge Half

Sunday dawned very warm and sunny – it was a glorious day to be on the river. It was also the day of the Cambridge Half Marathon, a 13.1 mile running race around the city, beginning and ending on Midsummer Common. Willow is moored just a few hundred metres from the finish line, so we were in a prime position to watch the race and support friends who were running it (we knew about 12 ¬†competitors). We set up some chairs on the roof and sat down in the sun to watch and cheer on the athletes. The day grew increasingly warm, definitely the hottest day of the year so far and a shock to those who’d been training through the cold winter! We saw several friends run past, cheering them to the finish, then we saw a chap we didn’t know stumbling along almost drunkenly, and as he got to Willow, he finally fell, collapsing on the verge next to the boat. Immediately an onlooker with some medical training was there, as were we, helping him into the recovery position, and fetching a glass of water. But it was clear that he needed more than just a drink, he was very hot, and so we fetched bowls of cold water from Willow to pour over his body and head, as well as some cushions to support him, and wet towels to keep him cool and bring his temperature down. The official first aiders arrived, and after a while he was able to get up and walk over the finish line. As a result of all this we missed several of our friends passing by, but they all finished and did well.

2014-03-09 10.58.10

After the race, we drove out to the Emmaus charity shop, where we got a second workmate for the garage, and some books, before coming back via the Parish, where we had tea with Jackie and our neighbours from Light Enough to Travel, who were out there having spent the weekend at Wicken Fen. We arrived back late afternoon, and got on with fixing the plinths under the kitchen cupboards, to avoid losing the littlest cat under there again! She rushed under there when we ran the engine on Saturday, and then Lyra held her hostage, making her too scared to come out!

2014-03-09 10.36.12

Lyra enjoying the sun. Look at that fat belly!

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