Fitout 49: No Lyin’, we Switched the Wardrobe

(apologies to C.S Lewis and indeed John Pippin for the title!)

We bought a wardrobe for Willow from the ever-wonderful Emmaus charity warehouse back in July, and it had been languishing in the garage ever since. Up until now, we’d just had a bare rail to hang our clothes on.

Yesterday, James had made a couple of mini bulkheads to support/accomodate it since we were planning to remove the back panel in order to allow for more space inside, and make use of the under-gunwale space.


Today we drove it home and carried it along from the car to the boat. I must admit to being unconvinced that it would fit!



The next job was to remove the back panel. As you can just about see, the original design involved a front to back rail, and shelves down the sides.


Carefully we carried it through the boat, and it amazingly fitted through all the doorways (OK, James did measure it but I was still unsure!). Now in the bedroom, with the back removed, the new rail could be fixed so that the clothes hang partly under the gunwale, allowing room for shirts and shorter dresses to hang, with space above for shelves.


Here you can see the shelves installed


It’s nowlooking really smart standing in the corner of the bedroom, with a couple of suitcases on top. And you can also see that we added a short rail between the wardrobe and the bulkhead to allow room for me to hang longer dresses! Ted, sitting regally on top is James’s first cuddly toy. The blue suitcase was £5 from Oxfam some time ago, and the grey one I found on the recycling shelf. It had a label on it showing that originally it belonged to someone from Bombay!

2014-04-03 17.35.52

2014-04-03 17.35.13

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One thought on “Fitout 49: No Lyin’, we Switched the Wardrobe

  1. Well, that’s the Narnia Portal installed, then.

    Beware fauns and gas lamps……


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