Loldia’s Return: The Background

Apologies for the radio silence over the past week or so. There’s been a good reason: we’ve been off boating! But not on Willow, hence the lack of blogs publicising the fact that Willow was empty. So what were we up to? Well, last year a friend bought a boat, planning to live on it in Cambridge, as his name had come to the top of the list and he had his licence. Unfortunately, circumstances meant that throughout the course of the following year, he’d been unable to bring the boat back to Cambridge. A couple of weeks ago he got in touch explaining the situation and so we hatched a plan to bring it back for him, getting our canal fix in the process without having to risk getting Willow trapped at the wrong end of the Nene!

Meet Loldia. Built in 1996, she’s 62ft long and dark green with a trad stern and a Beta Kubota engine. She’d been sitting patiently in Pillings Lock Marina for over a year, waiting to be taken to her new home in Cambridge.

2014-04-08 17.40.44


On Saturday the 5th, we’d driven up with her owner to check everything was in order for the trip, particularly the electrics and the engine. After some fettling, James managed to get the engine started, only for me to notice a plume of black oil leaking from the gearbox! It turned out that the gearbox control lever needed to be put back on, and having located it, Loldia was ready for a trial trip round the marina. Everything was ready for the great escape on the evening of Tuesday 8th! Over the next few days I’ll recount the story of Loldia’s return to Cambridge

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