Loldia’s Return Day 7: Peterborough to Salters Lode

14th April
29 miles
3 locks

We were booked through Stanground Lock onto the Middle Level at 10:30 to give us time to go to Asda and pump out before we set off. The pump out is also free in Peterborough like it is in Ely. Just along from the pump out and water is a boat which drifted over the bank during the flooding and thankfully didn’t sink when the water went back down but has been left high and dry! At least its near the water point!


I think it is still lived on.

Once through Stanground the next stop was Ashline lock in Whittlesey. Then through March where we stopped to check the weedhatch before carrying on to Marmont Priory. Now you’re supposed to call ahead but Maureen’s phone was broken so she didn’t know we were coming. We had a long wait to make sure there was no one coming down before eventually locking through. Sadly we’d just missed the wonderful display of daffodils through Upwell and Outwell and then it was on to Salter’s Lode.

Loldia is 62ft, the very upper limit of being able to fit through the lock without needing to go through on the level tide. Paul, the lockie had said we may have trouble-depending on whether the boat is a “long 62ft” or a “short 62ft”!  When we arrived we’d hoped to test the fit but Paul was out. We sat down to a dinner of chili and cheesy nachos then it was time for bed. We were booked through (if we fit) at 9.30 am and all being well would hand the boat over to her owner the next day!


Waiting for Marmont Priory lock.

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