Loldia’s Return Day 8: Salter’s Lode to Cambridge

15th April
32 miles
4 locks

The Salter’s Lode lockie came out at about 9am to help us check if Loldia would fit. Having found that yes, she would, just, I called Ian, her owner to let him know, and suggested that he meet us at Littleport to take his own boat back to Cambridge. It took us longer than we’s hoped to get through the lock, and it was a tight squeeze – the walkway across the gates was very close to snagging the tiller, but we made it.

We got to Littleport at about 12 noon, an hour after I’d originally said we’d get there – luckily I’d suggested that Ian bring a book! We swung in and picked him up, and so finally he was at the tiller of his own boat!

2014-04-15 12.31.33

It was a lovely sunny day and a great run back into Cambridge, through Bottisham and Baits Bite to moor up in town at 6:30pm or so. A great trip, and wonderful that Loldia is now on her Cambridge mooring!

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One thought on “Loldia’s Return Day 8: Salter’s Lode to Cambridge

  1. I don’t know why they don’t remove those walkways, the slackers are hydraulic so you don’t need access to operate them and there is a bridge to cross the lock so you don’t need them for that, it would be much safer without them IMO.

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