Fitout 50: Carpet and a virtual tour

When we got back from our boat delivery trip, we spent a day just unpacking and relaxing after what was quite a tiring trip! But then we wanted to get on with things on Willow, beginning with the bedroom floor which was just bare ply. We chose a dark grey carpet and decided to go with tiles instead of one complicated shaped piece.


2014-04-17 15.55.49

We then had a massive sort out sparked by a desire to rearrange the living room furniture to its “summer arrangement” i.e everything is no longer quite as close to the woodburner as it was, leaving more space. We also took the woodburner apart inside and gave it a good clean out with the vacuum cleaner. In the way of things with boats, this also meant that in order to use the big 1600W vacuum cleaner we needed to fix the generator – the starting cord had snapped and needed replacing. After several abortive attempts to remove the casing we took it to a chap in Mildenhall (15 miles away) – Pete of PetePower, who fixed it while we waited, and gave the whole thing a once over, including blasting the contacts with compressed air to clean then off. Highly recommend his service.

While it was looking all tidy (well more so than normal anyway, I thought I’d take a few pictures of the inside, as I realise I often blog little details of what our home is like inside, but you probably don’t have a sense of the whole thing if you’ve not visited.

So here’s a little virtual tour of Willow (not including the engine room, which is still just full of junk!) There are lots of trims and panelling and painting and things to finish but the important bits are all in place now, I think.

2014-04-18 14.12.46-1 2014-04-18 14.13.29-1 2014-04-18 16.51.56-1 2014-04-18 16.52.59 2014-04-18 16.54.282014-04-18 14.14.26-12014-04-18 14.15.152014-04-18 17.18.422014-04-18 17.19.01

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5 thoughts on “Fitout 50: Carpet and a virtual tour

  1. How nice it looks, a timewalk kind of feel to it with which the modern bits and pieces fit well. Lovely old boat thanks for sharing.

  2. Proper Job!

  3. Karen

    It’s all looking good. Well done,it’s a lovely boaty home.

  4. It’s a treat to have the image in mind now when I read about your projects.

  5. What a lovely setting inside Willow – very comfy indeed.

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