Bank Holiday Weekend

Racing along “our” stretch of Midsummer Common meant that throughout Sunday, we had to move our boats from the Common for the day. As usual the Council failed to inform us in time, so although the rowing club did it’s best to let everyone know via flyers this wasn’t backed up with an official notification until we prompted it a few days before… Same old, same old! This time, unlike last year when we moved four other boats, we only had Loldia to help move along with Willow. On Saturday night we put Loldia by the Fort pub visitor moorings and we doubled moored alongside Pyxis – they’re only a few feet shorter than Willow so it worked out well. Pyxis is a beautiful RW Davis boat, originally a modern working boat with an open hold and now converted to a fabulous live aboard with a tug deck. It was nice to catch up with neighbours at that end of the river, and we had a sociable evening in the pub. There’s a little back and white cat who lives on Pyxis, called  Marvin, so Lyra had another cat to contend with! They had a proper staring contest through their kitchen windows!

2014-05-03 19.38.041922137_10100877142790980_4406141155463377436_n

The next morning we went down to the waterpoint to turn round as well as use the facilities there. Once back moored up by the other way around, James went off to cox a race (they lost unfortunately) then we were off up to Stourbridge between divisions of racing to meet up with some more boat neighbours for a BBQ. We moored alongside Berengaria, another ex modern working boat which is a replica River class, with a lovely conversion from open hold to full cabin live aboard. After a lazy sunny afternoon with our boat neighbours from Stourbridge, we headed back into town just in time to moor up back on the Common after the last race.

We don’t have a licence to moor in a particular spot, just one which allows us to moor somewhere along Cambridge’s riverside public spaces. But we do like our spot, and our neighbours, so we wanted to get back to it. We also had a couple of other boats to shift: Dan on Wild Thyme was away and had asked us to move his boat back for him, and Ian on Loldia just wanted a hand moving it as he’s new to this boating lark. Soon, other boats started to arrive back, and we’re nearly back to normal now, just a few more boats are still to return to “their” spots

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One thought on “Bank Holiday Weekend

  1. Great picture of the staring contest. Who gave up first?

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