Escaping the Fair Part 2

This week, there’s another, bigger, fair in town, prompting another mass exodus until it leaves next Monday. We left early and got a prime spot on Jubilee Gardens visitor moorings, a bit further into town, but well away from the fair, as we didn’t want to leave town for over a week because we’d have had to bring the car out too so James could get to work. At first it was just us and Lucky Duck (they stayed for Strawberry Fair and really regretted it, so were out early too!)

2014-06-15 19.10.59


Then more started to arrive:

2014-06-18 20.37.51


It’s actually a really nice spot, and we have some nice neighbours. Lyra loves it as there’s less cycle and dog traffic, and a nice tree to hide in and climb. But mostly she just lazes about on the cabin top!

2014-06-18 13.38.22

Whilst we’ve been here, the Cam Conservancy’s work boat has been down clearing the weir of debris. This was delayed because a moorhen had nested in the middle of it and they couldn’t get the workboat in until the nest was vacated. There was a bit of grumbling about this by people who didn’t know the reason, so the Cam Con’s new river manager, who is really into communication, put up a sign explaining the situation, which I thought was a great idea.

2014-06-18 12.44.43



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