Braunston 2014

I realise I’m a bit late with this one – it’s been a busy week on the river with lots of political goings on regarding the regulation of the “Riverside” area moorings in Cambridge and as Camboaters secretary I’ve been involved heavily in this, and there have been various meetings and press calls.  More here:

Anyway, we usually spend the whole weekend at Braunston but this year James was too busy with work so we just went on the Saturday. Bad choice as it turns out, it was tipping it down. Luckily the sun did come out in the middle of the day but not until after we’d spent a damp hour parading with the Herbies, the Moomins and the Briar Roses on Chertsey. It was far too damp for photos!

Once the weather improved, we went boating on replica tunnel tug Hasty, which is steam driven, and the owner handed James the tiller. He had great fun, but it was nervewracking at times because obviously with steam there’s a disconnect between steerer and engineer – speed and direction control get relayed by “ships telegraph”! Luckily it all went smoothly.

It was great to catch up with people – too many to list, but particularly our friends Jason and Charlotte who are in a similar position (and age) to us a year or two ago – looking for an historic boat (or two) to live on. Most such boats are not advertised so we introduced them to people who might be likely to hear if anything suitable comes up and have promised to advise them on the process, although they are doing all the right things already. It’s all about networking when you want an old boat, and it’s always great if we can get more younger people them as well.

We also came away with some goodies – the lovely Sarah on Chertsey had come across a beautiful Willow pattern tablecloth (thank you!) and we also got some useful hempex offcuts from Tradline and a little 5l Jerry can.

2014-06-28 14.07.31 2014-06-28 14.08.39 2014-06-28 14.26.10 2014-06-28 14.26.17 2014-06-28 14.26.48 2014-06-28 14.26.55 2014-06-28 14.40.22 2014-06-28 17.59.25 2014-06-28 18.01.33


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