Fender Bending

We commissioned Willow’s stern fenders (known as tipcats) last year, from an old boatman called Joe Hollingshead. Sarah E collected them for us and we picked them up from the November HNBC social. Next step was to soak them and then hang them up in the garage.

On Sunday, we decided to have a go at fitting them. This is not an easy job, particularly as Willow’s stern end is very pointy. The first one was relatively easy. With one end attached we used a heavy duty ratcheting puller to being the other end around, in combination with a bit of bashing from a sledge hammer.

2014-07-06 16.55.17

2014-07-06 17.56.38

The first one securely fitted, we set about bending the second tipcat into shape. Doing it in situ proved difficult, so we made use of the same puller, a mooring pin and a convenient tree.

2014-07-06 19.07.46 2014-07-06 19.08.58

This one was more difficult to persuade into the correct shape, so whilst it it also now attached we need to fettle them a bit more and keep tightening them. One suggestion has been to try switching them over so I think we’ll try that. But they’re starting to look the part.

2014-07-06 19.54.00 2014-07-06 19.54.22

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