Summer Boating Plans

This week is Town Bumps week, the biggest race of the Cambridge rowing calendar, so we’ll be busy competing (James) and supporting (me – I’m not rowing this year, as I’ve got the wedding of a friend to attend and so I’ll be travelling on Friday and not able to compete). Once that’s over with and I’m back from the wedding, we plan to go boating on Willow – our first chance to do a proper cruise since we bought the boat – last summer we did a mini local trip but this year our plans are grander!

Although we’ve not settled on our exact route yet, here are a few places on our list, which we hope to visit this summer (we have all of August away, although I’ll be taking work with me).

Gloucester: Our ultimate destination is the city where Willow was based when working for the Severn and Canal Carrying company. We want to get a photo of Willow sister ship Oak.

2013-10-30 16.00.04

We’ll be going through Birmingham, both on the way there and the way back, so we’ll be making the most of all the different routes options through the City, opting for canals we’ve not traveled before, particularly the “Back of the Map” – the Dudley canals. One place we’ll definitely visit will be the Black Country Living Museum. I’m particularly looking forwards to the fish and chips cooked in dripping and wrapped in newspaper…

09082010519 8279842891_0ed0b45a5d_k


Whilst in Birmingham, we’ll try to get up the Cannock Extension to see one of Willow‘s other sisters, Ash.

Photo S Edgson

On our way back, we have one deadline, to be at the Alvecote gathering of historic boats on the August Bank holiday weekend. It’s the only one we can attend as long as James is still tied to school holidays. We’ve not yet been, but have promised various friends that we’ll be there this year to show off Willow!




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