Summer Trip Day 1: Cambridge – Waterbeach

Cambridge – Waterbeach

6 miles, 1 lock

Moored above Bottisham Lock (GOBA moorings)

A slow start over the next few days, as James has to be at work for a bit longer, but last night we officially set off on our summer trip, out of town to the GOBA moorings above Bottisham Lock. We walked over to have dinner and drinks with the Pippins, and then this morning we both commuted in to Cambridge. Depending on work, we’ll either go through Denver on Thursday or Friday. Thea is still unimpressed with the idea of boating but she did emerge from under the sofa briefly whilst the engine was still running.

2014-07-28 17.41.21

Setting off! All being well we’ll not be back til early September! Fore end is looking shiny – James painted it over the weekend.

<– I’m planning to keep the Where’s Willow widget updated where possible

As I was looking up the distance on CanalPlan, this very apt quote from Rolt’s Narrow Boat appeared on the Canalplan homepage.

On an afternoon of the last week in July the great moment arrived when we slipped “Cressy’s” mooring-lines and drew slowly away from the boatyard, heading northwards. Only Herbert Tooley on the bank and the blacksmith at the smithy door watched our unostentatious departure. Beside us on the aft deck stood Mr. Tooley senior in his Sunday suit and best bowler. He had suggested “giving us a hand” as far as Cropredy, such a childlike eagerness lurking beneath his deliberately casual offer that we had not the heart to refuse the old man. As we rounded the bend in the canal that had been the tempting limit of my view for so long, I looked back over the churning wake of our screw for a last glimpse of the familiar yard before the tall hedgerow beside the tow-path hid it from sight.

From Narrow Boat L. T. C. Rolt (1944)


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One thought on “Summer Trip Day 1: Cambridge – Waterbeach

  1. Gill

    Have a fabulous summer, hope this weather stays for you!!

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