Day 5: The Ship – March

27 miles, 3 locks

The tide at Denver was at about 11:30am so it was a leisurely start from the Ship this morning. As Willow is longer than the lock at Salter’s Lode, we needed to be the last ones to arrive so we could wait outside the lock for the tide to drop to the same level as the navigable drain on the other side. The Denver lockie let us through early to wait on the pontoon on the tidal side of the lock. Whilst we were at the lock we were introduced by Danny at the Little Ouse to a lovely couple who’d just bought their first boat from him. He was there helping solve a small electric problem for them. More on them later!



James executed the tricky turn into Salter’s with precision, and the lockie, who is in the habit of awarding scores, gave him full marks! Then it was a case of waiting in the lock until the tide equalised with the middle level so that we could go through.


Then it was the slow chug along Well Creek towards Upwell, Outwell and March. At Upwell we passed the couple we’d met at the lock, and then they arrived at Marmont Priory lock just after we did. They’d not yet got a Middle Level windlass so we stayed to help them through.


At March we both moored up on the town moorings and they bought us a drink to say thanks. It was a nice evening but unfortunately we won’t be Nene lock buddies as they are busy tomorrow and we want to press on.

Just realised today marks 6 years afloat for us!

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One thought on “Day 5: The Ship – March


    Love having a read, feel as if I’m with you x

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