Day 6: March – Alwalton

16 miles, 4 locks

When I phoned Stanground Lock yesterday the lock keeper was reluctant to book me in for today’s passage, saying he didn’t think we’d make it. Well, we considered that a challenge so we made damn sure we set off early enough to make it!

After a damp chug along Whittlesey Dyke we made it to Ashline lock and had the good fortune to meet another boat just as we exited. Then it was the infamous Briggatte Bend, a roughly 90degree turn surrounded by concrete walls. It took a bit of effort but we made it round in about ten minutes of shafting the fore end and bullying the mud out of the way at the stern!


We arrived at Stanground 45 mins early and went through to moor on Peterborough embankment. We had a few chores to do, and it bucketed down so we stayed put until the evening when the rain cleared. We had a lovely evening cruise out to Alwalton lock where we had not moored before.



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3 thoughts on “Day 6: March – Alwalton

  1. Mind that gravel bar at Alwalton, must be the worst marked hazard on any river, caught us out.

  2. Gill

    Thank you, another lovely day cruising x

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