Day 12: Long Itchington – Kingswood Junction

19 miles, 31 locks

Quite a long day, ending with a nice surprise- more on this later.

We had planned to set off at 7:30, but Lyra had a shouting match with a cat from a nearby house through a window at about 3am, and so we started at just gone 8am. We were very fortunate to meet up with nb Orinoco at Bascote locks, and shared the first 10 with them down to just before the outskirts of Leamington Spa.

It was a very pleasant morning boating with them, with the sun being out and a constant stream of people coming the other direction. Through Leamington Spa itself, we stopped at a couple of bridge holes to remove some carrier bags from the blade, but we didn’t pick up anything too serious.

As we came up the Cape 2 locks, Amy was in contact with Jo on Hadar, who moor at Saltisford. Whilst we didn’t get down the arm itself to see them, we did meet up with her at Hatton bottom lock, and it was lovely to see her and catch up. Amy steered the whole flight whilst I worked the locks; unfortunately, there was no-one to share with, and so we made the top, passing several other descending boats, in a reasonable just under three hours. I was keen to get back onto the footboard and go on a bit further, as the rain held off and I was enjoying the evening, and so we carried on.

About half a mile past Kingswood junction, Amy found a missed call from our friend Simon on Melaleuca; we were planning to meet in Birmingham, but we’ve caught them up. They were moored the Lapworth side of the junction, so we didn’t see them directly, and we were half a mile away down a long, straight bit of cut. We tried to moor where we were, but it was far too shallow, and so we reversed back towards the junction about half a mile or so to moor up on some Pilings- and to be closer to the pub at bridge 61, where we will see them in a short while.


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One thought on “Day 12: Long Itchington – Kingswood Junction

  1. sounds like youre having a great trip! id love it if youd comment back xx

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