Favourite Finds: Fuel Trunk

We’ve been after a big box to store fuel for the wood burner for a while but sadly the charity shop gods had not been smiling on us.

So James had a look on eBay just last night and miraculously there was the perfect metal trunk, on for a “buy it now” price of £20. And it was in Cottenham, just outside Cambridge. Five minutes later, having measured the space up, it was ours and this morning while I was out rowing James went and picked it up.



What’s good about it is that it has not only neatened that part of the living room it also provides a handy seat. Very useful indeed. We might paint it but we kind of like the battered look with chips of old paint!

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2 thoughts on “Favourite Finds: Fuel Trunk

  1. Ivor Thomas

    Try Briwax

  2. Kath

    This was such a good idea that I have copied it. I trawled the antique shops in Matlock and found just the perfect sized tin trunk. It did fit where I wanted it to but I couldn’t quite take out the ash pan so I have had to move the legs on my sofa bed over a smidge. My box has Lieutenant somebody or other’s name stencilled all over it and something presumably the boat name blacked out …

    So much neater than the coal scuttles etc I had before – thanks for the idea

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