Sunshine and Chaos

We’d heard that nb Scholar Gypsy was heading up the Backs on Sunday, and decided to join them! It was a glorious day, so the river was very busy with punts. But all went well, we negotiated the hoardes and sucessfully turned in the Mill Pond (with a bit of shafting of the fore end and dredging with the stern end!

Outside King’s College, we stopped to wait for Scholar Gypsy to catch up, and I took the opportunity to photograph Willow in front of the iconic college view. There is also a tenuous link between Willow and King’s. Willow was built partly to fulfil Cadbury’s cocoa crumb carrying contracts, and George Cadbury was on the board of Severn and Canal Carrying. His son, Adrian Cadbury, who became Chairman of Cadbury’s in 1965, is King’s alumnus, who rowed in the Blue Boat whilst he was at Cambridge, and went on to compete in the Olympics. There’s an apocryphal link between the college’s colour, purple and Cadbury’s trademark colour being influenced by each other in one way or another, but it’s unlikely. However, the company has been a long term sponsor of the college’s rowing club.

On the way back as we were descending Jesus Lock, blog reader Chris introduced himself (hello!). It’s always nice to meet readers!

Anyway, over to the pictures.

IMAG0334 IMAG0336 IMAG0337 2014-10-05 11.15.33 2014-10-05 11.15.47 2014-10-05 11.31.36 2014-10-05 11.32.51 2014-10-05 11.46.45 2014-10-05 11.53.50 2014-10-05 11.54.16 2014-10-05 11.54.41 2014-10-05 11.58.34 2014-10-05 12.09.46

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5 thoughts on “Sunshine and Chaos

  1. Amy's Dad

    Amy and James,

    Lovely pictures.

    There’s at least 3 post card there…….

    Popps xxx

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  3. Dear Amy and James

    Many thanks for the tips (and for the guidance note!). There are some more photos here:

  4. Harriet Tillson

    Hello Amy and James

    Loved the description of the link with Cadbury’s and the photos of the trip across the Backs. I especially liked the photos with King’s College in the back ground. I also liked James’ blue top which seems to exactly match Willow’s colour!? Is this planned???!! I am looking forward to seeing you at the weekend and to early birthday celebrations.

    Lots of love Mummy Duck (still awaiting a new name!) xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Superb..Jealous here!!

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