The Odessa Files: 2 (and a plug for Friends of the River Nene)

Northampton – Islip 26 miles, 20 locks

A 7:30am start from Northampton Marina then we were through the city in record time due to all the V-gate locks being in our favour. It was a very windy day, so we took to opening both of the top gates on the locks to make getting in that bit easier.

2014-10-09 08.08.53 2014-10-09 08.15.46

The weather was very strange, with ominous black clouds looming, the drenching us with rain before disappearing as quickly as they arrived, leaving rainbows in their wake.

2014-10-09 15.35.47 2014-10-09 15.46.47 2014-10-09 15.46.57

The aim for the day was to get halfway along the Nene to Islip, where we hoped to try out the first mooring established by the newly formed Friends of the River Nene group. The group was only formed in September, with the aim of improving the facilities along the river. They’ve begun by securing access to and clearing three moorings so far at Islip, Ditchford, and Woodford with several more in the pipeline.

We (and Odessa) had the honour of being the first visiting boat to tie up on any of the Friends’ new mooring spots, when we stopped for the night at Islip.

2014-10-10 07.48.50 2014-10-10 07.49.28

They’re not kidding when they say “no pedestrian exit” though, we were thwarted by electric fences and ditches in our efforts to go for a walk, so stopped on the boat instead.  Aside from that it’s a lovely mooring though, we heard lots of owls and very little else overnight, and it’s deep enough to get into the edge without needing a plank.

If you’re interested in joining the group, either join the Facebook group where you can download the form, or email me and I’ll send it to you. Cost is £10/year. The Nene is a beautiful river, but it desperately needs more moorings, so I’m very pleased that this group has been set up and is doing so well!

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2 thoughts on “The Odessa Files: 2 (and a plug for Friends of the River Nene)

  1. Electric fences?

    Good grief…….

    I hope they were of the 12 volt livestock sort, or you’ve strayed from Eisenstein’s “Battleship Potemkin” into territory firmly occupied by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”……..

    Mind you, you are nearly in The Fens………

  2. Did you know ads seem to have been inflicted on your blog?

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