The Odessa Files: 4

Ferry Meadows – Salter’s Lode

31 miles, 4 locks

An earlyish start from Overton Lake at Ferry Meadows meant a beautiful misty morning on the river, through Orton Lock and down to the embankment at Peterborough.

2014-10-12 08.21.16 2014-10-12 08.21.24 2014-10-12 08.24.04 2014-10-12 08.38.36 2014-10-12 08.47.42 2014-10-12 09.06.30

Odessa meets some rowers! Lots more of them to come.

The lock didn’t open til 10:30 so we took the time to fill the water tank (alas the pumpout is still broken) before heading to Stanground. Tina locked us through and then it was onto the Middle Level. Luckily, with a moderately shallow water draft, and a powerful engine, Odessa made good progress through the drains. 2014-10-12 12.04.38

At Ashline Lock in Whittlesey. Designed by someone who once saw a picture of a lock and had certainly never used one! It’s awkward in every possible way…

Towards the end of the day we were treated to a beautiful Fen sunset, and arrived just after dark at Salter’s Lode, eight minutes after out planned arrival time! From here, Kate was to take over, so that was our delivery from Crick to Salters successfully completed in four days. Kate kindly dropped us off at Downham station and we made our way home. Over the next day and a half, Kate completed the rest of they journey herself, and Odessa is now our neighbour in Cambridge!

2014-10-12 18.18.49 2014-10-12 18.21.15 2014-10-12 18.22.30

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One thought on “The Odessa Files: 4

  1. Wow, And I thought I had a long day doing 14 miles and 7 locks yesterday

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