Introducing Bantam IV

Recently, the London Canal Museum advertised for a volunteer to take on the role of running and maintaining their only floating exhibit, the 1949 push tug Bantam IV. Essentially they wanted someone who could do basic work on the boat and the Lister JP2 engine and manage the work they couldn’t complete themselves, then be responsible for taking it to rallies and upkeep.


James saw the notice and naturally applied immediately. The museum got in touch soon after to say they’d like him to do it so James is their new “Tugmaster”! (what a great title!).

Today we went down to London to have a proper poke around the tug, inventory the contents and make a to do list. Rain water had got in and corroded the exhaust pipe so that will need replacing, and its not clear how far the water has got, hopefully it isn’t in the engine itself. We have some spare flexible exhaust pipe which may be the right size, so we measured it all up and covered the exhaust so that no more water can get in.

Hopefully over this winter the engine will be fixed (Marine Power Services will come and cast a professional eye over the JP once the exhaust is connected up and lagged) and then we can take it out next year – to nearby rallies to promote the museum and maybe even do some canal cleanups in conjunction with a C&RT work flat. For us it is an opportunity to get involved with the museum’s work and do some London boating on a fantastic little craft.





Lister JP2



Fore end


The exhaust had been temporarily repaired with a soft drink can!


Battlebridge Basin where the museum is located

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Bantam IV

  1. Well done James, our heritage needs generous people like you. Look forward to Bantam updates aswell now.

  2. What a lovely boat and what a brilliant thing to do!

    Well done Tugmaster Tidy!

    If you need help with anything,give me a shout. We might be able to scare-up a working party!


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