Fitout 50: Kitchen Baseplate cupboard

Not done any serious fitout work for a while, but recently we decided to tackle the offside in the kitchen, opposite the main worktops and sink. Previously there had been a radiator there, which meant we couldn’t install any cupboards on that side. However, it turned out to be a quick job to empty some of the anti-freeze solution from the system, remove the rad and blank off the stubs of pipe then replace the solution. With the rad gone, we were able to install the IKEA wall cuboard we’d bought for the space when we’d imagined the whole kitchen installation and ordered back when Willow was still at Langley Mill. However, before we did this, we got out the jigsaw and cut a hatch into the floor to access the baseplate and use the cool space down there as storage for food when the fridge is out of action due to lack of sunshine.

We didn’t have enough worktop left to make the counter, and it only comes in massive expensive lengths, so we are using repurposed IKEA “Lamplig” chopping boards to create a little bit of worktop space. Directly below that is an open shelf which has the hot pipe from the back boiler running through it (plate warmer!) then the cupboard is at floor level, so that the bilges can be accessed easily from the bottom of the cupboard.

The new worktop catches the winter sun, which makes it a very nice perch for one of the cats!

Next job its to tile along the gap between the worktop and the panelling, using some original 1930s tiles (salvaged from the house next to to the one I grew up in, and which were used around all the fireplaces in the development)

2014-11-14 16.59.45 2014-11-16 15.31.51 2014-11-16 17.14.11 2014-11-24 12.51.12

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