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My next project is to turn this pile of fabric into new curtains for Willow. The existing ones are serviceable but I’ve always wanted to replace them with curtains made from William Morris’s “Willow Bough” fabric. It took me a while to find enough of it for a reasonable price on ebay (I couldn’t buy at the standard prices I’d found in fabric shops – upwards of £30/m).  Last year I serviced my Singer sewing machine and so now’s my chance to put it to use! I plan to re use the header tape from the existing ones and use them as a pattern then I will update once I’ve made some progress!

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2 thoughts on “Curtains

  1. Lovely, our favorite material too as our porthole bungs are also covered in this fabric.
    Well done you, look forward to seeing the finished product,

  2. Good choice – we have a lot of William Morris on Albert and Willow Bough is our choice for the saloon an kitchen.

    For our bedroom five years ago we recycled some William Morris Blackthorn from home – they are now 30 years old and still in good condition. As the post title says – quality lasts

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