A Year with Thea

Thea, our little fluffy possibly-Siberian rescue cat came to live with us a year ago today. At first she was incredibly nervous and didn’t leave the bedroom and bathroom end of the boat for months. But gradually she has become bolder, and has been on adventures all around the canals with us, although she still hides behind the sofa when the engine is on. Now she’ll happily go outside (when it isn’t snowing) and she and Lyra chase each other about and generally get on pretty well. They won’t snuggle up together but are happy sharing the bed or the sofa. Here’s a little selection of photos showing her increasing boldness, settling in to the life of a boat cat!

2014-02-16 10.00.24  2014-03-07 23.30.41 2014-03-15 08.58.52 2014-04-17 19.37.312014-03-02 16.43.332014-05-11 19.06.272014-05-04 20.08.01  2014-06-12 19.32.05 2014-06-25 13.42.48 2014-06-29 18.48.35 2014-07-12 12.54.52 2014-07-12 12.58.12 2014-07-21 18.16.55 2014-09-03 10.33.50 2014-09-08 17.49.59 2014-09-12 09.29.38 2014-11-09 21.32.49 2014-12-13 15.12.54 2015-02-03 09.36.47 2015-02-03 09.38.46

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