More Curtains

I’m now onto my third set of curtains with another pair cut and ready to sew. For the third pair I changed things a bit by switching to a different fabric for the bedroom curtains. Whilst the green Morris “Willow Bough” pattern is perfect for the living room, it wouldn’t look quite right in our burgundy and cream bedroom. Instead I used this lovely Habitat for V&A fabric, which my parents bought the end of a roll of sometime in the 90s to make a sofabed cover. Since then it has been used for various things, and it is nostalgic for me to find another use for it on Willow, as the pattern brings back happy childhood memories. With its curling foliage it’s not dissimilar to the Willow Bough fabric either.

It was here in the bedroom where the blackout lining I’ve used on all the curtains really has come into its own. With the old curtains, we had simply blocked the light out by pinning up a black cover over the window at night, but with these there is no need – compare with the last photo of the old curtains.

Just two more pairs to make now (and the door ones!)

2015-02-13 21.22.30 2015-02-13 21.25.09 2015-02-13 22.16.46 2015-02-16 09.07.23 2015-02-16 09.18.43

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2 thoughts on “More Curtains

  1. “Childhood memories”???

    “The Nineties”?????

    Good Grief………

    I am going for a lie-down.

    I may be some time.


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