Exhausting work

On Sunday we went down to London. I headed over to have tea with my younger sister, to giver her a bit of moral support and a break from her revision (her medical finals are not far off – good luck E!). Whilst I was enjoying a cup of thick Florentine hot chocolate and cakes, James went over to the canal museum. He wanted to do a few bits and pieces on the tug, ahead of the visit from the guy who is hopefully going to be able to repair the engine. The main job was to replace the exhaust pipe (which regular readers may remember was in a poor way, and held together with bits of soft drink can!).

He used a piece of flexible pipe which was spare from when James (ex-Kestrel) was repairing his exhaust pipe some years ago (one of those bits which you keep in case it comes in handy one day!). It had since been donated to Suzi Q, but evidently not used because James (Willow) then found it in the bin next to Willow and Suzi and fished it out before the bin men came to empty it! It’s now connected up and ready for lagging in Bantam IV!

2015-02-22 15.57.08

The tug’s engine room is covered in grime from where the old leaking exhaust had desposited smuts everywhere. Needs a proper scrub!

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