Bantam IV rides again!

On Saturday, James went to London to meet with Martyn from Marine Power Services, to try and get the Bantam’s Lister JP2 going again. It hadn’t been run for a year or two and there was a worry that water ingress via the exhaust may have caused damage. Thankfully it seems that the water has not caused any major issues, and after a bit of tinkering with timings and clearances Martyn was able to get the engine going again. Although longer term there are a few more things which could do with fixing, it will now go! He gave James a lot of good advice about care and maintenance, and they went for a spin round the basin. By chance there was another Bantam from Wood Hall & Heward carrying out some maintenance work outside. Bantams are still very much in demand, despite going out of production in the 60s!

Bantam Tug Scouser: Photo Wood Hall & Heward

Now, with the engine going again, we will be taking it to the Little Venice IWA Canalway Cavalcade in May! We want to carry out a fair bit of painting work before then, and get it looking good for the festival!

Bantam IV at the Cavalcade in Little Venice in 2013 (the last time it went) Photo: 3 days in London

Next task though is to make up a hooked cabin shaft for getting any nasties off the propellor blades, as there is no weedhatch. We have the hook, and pole, it’s just a matter of connecting the two!

Read more about the Bantam.

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4 thoughts on “Bantam IV rides again!

  1. Harriet

    So pleased to hear that work is steaming ahead on the tugboat! I hope Willow isn’t jealous ?! The festival at Little Venice on May sounds great! What are the exact dates ? and do tell cousin Sue as it’s near where she lives. Good luck with the restoration work and I look forward to seeing you both soon.
    Much love from mummy Duck ( who still needs a new name ?!) xxx

  2. Thank you so much for the mention of my photo in your article!! 🙂 I’m delighted to see it on your blog and much appreciate the link-back!! I’ll add the url to your blog to the article in question and also on the 3 Days in London App. I’m attending the 2015 event and look forward to seeing the Bantam in action again 🙂 enjoy the festival

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  4. No problem, and thank you for putting links to my blog, the Bantam features regularly now we are volunteering at the Canal Museum. Do give us a wave in May!

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