Spice of Life

A while back my dad gave me the spice rack which my grandad had made, along with the little bottles he’d etched with the names of the most used herbs and spices. All this time it had sat there with its bottles empty, but I decided recently to make proper use of it, decanting the correct herbs and spices into the bottles. I love the way each name reflects the nature of its contents, from the sage bush to the exotic looking label of the mace jar (I have yet to find any mace on the shelves of my local shops, but I will keep looking!)

2015-03-02 09.20.52 2015-03-02 09.21.06 2015-03-02 09.21.24 2015-03-02 09.21.52

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4 thoughts on “Spice of Life

  1. so lovely! what a clever grandad we had! x

  2. Grandad-made things are very important treasures!

    Lucky you!


  3. Wow! That is so cool!!!

  4. What a perfect way to honor these family treasures. This is the kind of post I enjoy reading each month at “In My Kitchen”, you might check it out at http://figjamandlimecordial.com/in-my-kitchen/

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