Bantam IV at the Cavalcade: Journey

We arrived at the Canal Museum earlier today, excited to do a short bit of London boating. The tug was to be used to move a stack of materials and banners for the festival, and two other museum staff, Natalie and Nick wanted to come too.

The adventure started before we’d left the basin at Battlebridge, with a visiting boater, nb Mystic Moon needing help getting into the space the tug had vacated. James helped by pushing the stern around. It turns out that Sue also blogs about her travels on Mystic Moon. She wrote about it from her point of view here, describing James as her “tug boat hero”!

Then we were off, arriving at at St Pancras lock behind a couple of boats and just before two more heading for the Cavalcade too. We shared with two other narrowboats. At the top we saw a big widebeam and they called out that they had problems with their propellor and could we push them into the lock? Of course we were happy to help!


Below the next lock we picked something up on the blades, bringing the tug to a standstill. Thankfully another boater helped us get to the bank and James was able to clear the propellor blades with the newly made up cabin shaft which we’d made sure was ready for today’s trip!



It turned out to be a holdall, sadly devoid of £50 notes!

We were soon up the next locks, as we were now sharing with not two but three other boats!



Then it was on through Regent’s Park and the Maida tunnel, to arrive in Little Venice!



Finding our spot was tricky as we were wedged in between two large boats, but we found enough space after a bit of shuffling! Now we’re back home but looking forward to the weekend!


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