A Wander in the Washes

Yesterday my colleague Sara and I went on a mission to deliver OuseFest programmes to Ely, Mepal, Sutton and the surrounding villages. We delivered nearly 2000 over the course of the day, and in the process visited some lovely places I’d never been to before.


We started in Ely and walked the length of the High Street and back with my trolley, handing out programmes and posters to shops and businesses. Towards the bottom of Fore Hill we stopped into the excellent Samovar tea shop for sustenance. I had a delicious lime and blueberry cake, which I ate too quickly to photograph!

Then we drove out to the surrounding villages, like Witchford, Sutton and Coveney. At Coveney, we stopped into St Peter and Vincula, one of the churches on our Isle Of Ely Churches Trail.


Next stop was Mepal village. One of the places we delivered to was the Three Pickerels pub, on the banks of the Hundred Foot drain. The Hundred Foot is tidal and has no moorings at all. This would be such a lovely spot to stop if only they could install some nice pontoon moorings!



After lunch on the go, we dropped in to give some programmes to the chair of the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership board, who lives in a beautiful house near the Old Bedford River. It was such a peaceful spot to stop and drink a cup of tea overlooking the not very romantically named but idyllic Counter Drain.

Finally we had a meeting at Mepal Outdoor Centre who are hosting our biggest event. It was very productive and we’ve worked out where all the activities and stalls are going to be. This is the woodland Trust Trail where the kids take turns being blindfolded and leading each other around the trail, learning to trust each other! It looks fun!



Have I mentioned how much I enjoy my job at the moment?

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One thought on “A Wander in the Washes

  1. Amy's Dad

    How lovely to hear you are so happy with your job.

    Popps xxx

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