Fitout: 1930s Tiles

Not done a Fitout post for a while! Last weekend we finally got onto an unfinished area in the kitchen where the insulation needed covering with something more attractive! And we had just the thing.

The houses in the street where I grew up were all built in the late 30s, with identical fixtures and fittings included serving hatches between kitchen and dining room, black and white kitchen tiles and built in Art Deco style clocks. Most houses including ours had lost these over the years, as occupants sought to modernise, but some of them in the street still had their original features. When neighbours a few doors down bought their house from the previous elderly owner, it still had the orginal 30s tiles. They removed them to install a more modern look, but my dad was given the tiles. He used them to make a beautiful fireplace surround.


But there were some left over and they went into the shed “in case they came in useful one day”! And they stayed there for ten years until my mum sold the house last year. She was clearing out the shed and asked if we needed any more tiles for Willow. We took them back with us and finally managed to get them up last week. They still need a bit of trim, but we’re very pleased with them, and it’s so nice to have a little reminder of my childhood home in Willow, along with our bedroom curtains!

2015-06-21 20.44.10

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