Summer Celebrations

Our neighbours got married a the weekend before last and James was the skipper of their wedding party’s trip out to the reception on Georgina. Some other boater neighbours and I decorated their boat so that they’d all see it as they passed. We strung up coloured bunting, made a willow arch, and painted two crossed oars with their initials as well as a life ring saying “Just Married”! It was a very happy occasion, with beautiful weather. We were invited to the evening reception, which as fantastic, with great food, atmosphere and music. Congratulations Nick and Beckee!

2015-08-22 15.17.50

April Dreamer bedecked in bunting and willow

2015-08-22 15.18.52

The happy couple

2015-08-22 15.26.32

From the other side

2015-08-22 20.38.08

The wedding cheese “cake”

2015-08-22 20.58.52

A festive evening

Then, on the bank holiday weekend, we went to Exeter to help my mum move in to her new house. A lot of work, shifting boxes, unpacking, and numerous trips to the tip later, the house is starting to look like a home. On the way back we stopped in for a few hours at Alvecote Historic Boat Festival, and although we couldn’t stay long it was great to catch up with people.

2015-08-28 18.28.42

New house

2015-08-30 16.35.43


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