Bantam IV at Angel Canal Festival

After the Little Venice Cavalcade, the biggest canal festival in London is the Angel Canal Festival, held in and around City Road Basin, just the other end of the Islington Tunnel from the Canal Museum. So naturally, the museum wanted the tug to be there!

It was a fantastically sunny day, and a very successful and popular event, with what seemed like thousands of people enjoying the canal in the sunshine. Stalls lined the canal, and the surrounding roads, and there was lots going on in City Road Basin, with sailing, canoeing and pedalos.

We loaded up the tug at the museum in the morning and headed through the tunnel and down City Road Lock, which was entirely manned by volunteers, meaning we didn’t need to step off the tug! We tied up Bantam IV just down from the Canal Museum stall. Several times during the day, we took it our for a play in the basin, doing figures of eight and loop the loops, which definitely brought smiles to people’s faces as well as promoting the museum. In between, we wandered about the festival and helped on the museum’s stall, or stood by the tug to answer questions about it.

2015-09-06 12.22.25 2015-09-06 12.36.45 2015-09-06 12.37.16 2015-09-06 12.55.31 2015-09-06 14.49.30 2015-09-06 14.49.35 2015-09-06 16.04.35 2015-09-06 16.05.06 2015-09-06 17.20.41

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2 thoughts on “Bantam IV at Angel Canal Festival

  1. I live in Greece and hoping to sell up shortly, I will make for the canals and my first narrow boat. So, I enjoy your Blog and all your photo’s and remarks and wish you the best for the remainer of the summer.

  2. It’s a great festival, isn’t interested? We went last year by boat. If you get the chance, try to go to the boaters’ barbecue the night before. By the way, we saw one of your sister Severners at the museum in Gloucester the other day — I put a photo on the blog.

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