Fox Trot

Over the years, James, John and The Engineer have done an awful lot of work on Friendly Fox. But the time had come for it to be sold, and its owner didn’t have the time to move it to brokerage at Hartford Marina near Huntiingdon. So James and I spent last Saturday evening and Sunday taking the Fox out to Hartford, the same journey that the Duck did back in 2013. (That was an interesting trip because the guy who nearly bought it had removed the old portapotti and sold the porcelain one he’d bought to replace it!).

We set off at 7pm on Saturday evening and stopped off on the GOBA moorings near Bottisham Lock. The Pippins very kindly invited us for dinner with them, which was very welcome! They also loaned us a couple of mugs and some teabags because I’d made the terrible mistake of forgetting to bring any!

In fact there wasn’t any cooking utensils either. Thankfully there was a kettle and a frying pan, but I had to use a spanner to turn the bacon!

Sunday dawned gloriously sunny and it stayed nice all day. I was glad that I’d accidentally brought suncream and a hat! The Old West went on for too long as usual, and we missed getting to Hermitage before the lock keeper’s lunch break by 5 minutes!

No seals at Earith this time, sadly, we enjoyed the trip along through St Ives and Hemingford Grey, arriving at Hartford just gone six pm. The boat’s not up on Hartford’s brokerage website yet but it soon will be. If you’re interested, Friendly Fox was built in 1993 at Fox’s in March as a hire boat, is 41ft long, and the bedroom and bathroom have been refurbished.

2015-09-13 13.27.49

2015-09-13 08.02.07

2015-09-13 07.50.2512003965_10101436217021740_7394705039348314594_n12003386_10101436218194390_7609735964424153733_n 11986931_10101436218084610_5211125647919855906_n 12009591_10101436217855070_1589318948069790248_n 11999051_10101436217585610_3259725221670607309_n11216567_10101436217630520_5885873532226555964_n  11046279_10101436217341100_3586530162338061168_n 11986563_10101436217176430_5342882534699547636_n 12003160_10101436217091600_8039408051449994786_n

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