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Willow goes to Fox’s 2


Cleaning the well-deck floor

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Empty back cabin (our friends helped us remove the concrete slabs before we left and we travelled with boxes of water instead of solid ballast!)


Then the engineer came in and cut out the partial bulkhead with a Plasma cutter!


Back cabin looking spacious without the bulkhead!


Ballast tanks in place


And sealed up


They had to come in through the roof hatch (not the foreground one but the big one at the back which is designed helpfully to ease engine removal.)


New gas lockers! They have wooden lids on them to make nice seats now!


They’re bolted to the steel floor to avoid welding to the original wrought iron, and lifted up on feet to allow water to drain under them. There are also gas drain holes at the bottoms of each locker which drain overboard.

We’re very happy with the work Fox’s didĀ for us. It was finished on time and under budget! It helped that James was able to assist their steel fabricator as he had the week off, meaning we didn’t have to pay for two people’s labour.

When we got back to Cambridge James painted the inside of the new fore-end locker, which now holds lots of things – hot logs, coal, ropes, tools and all sorts, leaving the well-deck free of clutter and a much nicer place to sit out.


Here he is painting the inside white. You can also see the additional low storage locker which I don’t have another photo of. All the lockers are now painted blue with black lids.

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