Pre-blacking jaunt 1

We can hardly believe it but we’ve had Willow over 3 years now, so it’s time to get it out of the water and blacked! Prior to going on dock next week we thought we’d have a few days out boating.

James single handed Willow for the first couple of days, stopping at Waterbeach & Ely then meeting me after work at Brandon Lock on Tuesday eve where I took the opportunity to show some colleagues around the boat. So for me, the “holiday” proper only started today.

I got up very early in the hope of seeing otters (it’s a prime spot) but sadly there were none. I think by 5:30am it was just a bit too light.

We set off along the Brandon Creek aka Little Ouse, and it’s lovely to see how the landscape alters, beginning in the Brecks with low hills, heathland and forest in the distance, then becoming more open as you reach the Fens.



After fuelling up at the Little Ouse Moorings and catching up on the latest with Natalie we continued to the junction with the Great Ouse and round the corner, up to the junction with the Wissey, new waters for Willow and for us.

We went as far as the Sugar Beet factory and turned in the wide just beyond (time pressure didn’t allow for a trip right to the end) before tying up at the lovely visitor moorings in Hilgay. It’s a beautiful river and a Hilgay a pretty little village to stop in. A trip to the excellent butchers is in order tomorrow morning! dsc_0383


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