Under Pressure

We arrived at Stretham Ferry dry-dock on Sunday night. It’s a pretty spot, albeit a bit too close to the A10.

Before we came out we had a bit of work to do. Our friend had her boat out in the same dock a month or two ago and at 2’6 had struggled to get over the cill into the dock. Willow is typically 3′. So we decided to empty the water ballast tanks, and remove all of the movable ballast in the engine room. Length was also a potential problem but there was nothing we could do about that but try it and see!

At 8:30 the yard owner came down to get Willow on dock. As he lifted the gate the cill looked awfully shallow! But the boat slipped quietly in with not a scrape on the cill. Phew. Length was the next challenge but we fitted in with a little room at either end thankfully.

Our friend and fellow boater Graeme, of Cambridge Jetwash, arrived just as the water was finally draining from the dock and he got stuck in with the pressure washer to remove the weed and loose paint. James and I both also had a turn at this oddly satisfyingly but mucky job. Graeme also pressure washed the cabin and even the canopy over the dry-dock!

James also ground off the lip which caught on the cill on the Northampton flight and nearly caused us to sink. We’ve been wanting that gone for a long time!

We had dinner at the Lazy Otter next door. Today now the boat is dry, blacking (and lots of other jobs)begin!

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2 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. Glad you didn’t get stuck – we are booked in for the beginning of November.

  2. Harriet Tillson

    Hi Amy and James. I’m enjoying the blogs about all the work you are doing on Willow. You certainly keep busy ! No holiday for you during your annual leave….!
    I hope the weather is holding out for you. Here in Somerset we have had a very powerful thunderstorm with lots of lightening and torrential rain which has left us with power lines down amd no internet or phones..
    Memories of my week long stay on the Lucky Duck as you delivered her from Birmingham to Cambridge and I shared part of that journey. Some of that in torrential rain! …

    Good luck for a productive week !

    Mummy Duck xxxx 🙂

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