Oh Mg

I got started on the third coat first thing in the morning and soon after the marina owner came down to weld on Willow’s new Magnesium anodes – we didn’t bother with them before but thought it worthwhile in case we end up on a mooring with shore power in the next 3 years.

Then I got on with the blacking whilst James sorted the ballast tank plumbing. Originally, the plan was to drop a sump pump into each, but that would involve removing 34 screws that hold the lids down, which is a bit of a faff. We want to be able to pump the tanks out much more quickly, so are installing two self priming pumps and the plumbing for them, to fill and empty the tanks at the flick of a switch- handy if running aground, or coming up to a shallow section in, for example, the Middle Level.

After planning in some detail all the parts required, he drove to Cambridge with a long shopping list, purchasing bits from Machine Mart, Toolstation, and Screwfix, and then set to installing the flanges in the tanks, and the various pipework.

I also painted the stern and the cabin top but totally failed to take any pictures, sorry! Will post them up tomorrow.

In the evening our friend and boat neighbour Emma visited – she’s thinking about getting her boat blacked in this dry-dock next year. We finished off the day with a drink and another meal at the Lazy Otter.

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3 thoughts on “Oh Mg

  1. I look forward to seeing the control panel for this – large switch marked “Blow main ballast”?

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